Dialogue in English

This system has be designed to realize richer expression to lend a contents data created by users between each of them.

Now I introduce picking up dialogues function based on this idea.

This function aim at making it easy to MANGAise a novel or a story written without being conscious of manga at all, not only a person cannot draw a picture though can write a scenario, or cannot write a scenario though can draw a picture.

"This function make to pick up the dialogue from a sentence of stories or scenarios, like this.(The original sentence)"

You can put a link in the dialogue. You have to appoint the link in full path beginning with [http://www.pubux.net/~], not only in internal path.

You can set the control characters of the dialogue initiation and termination. (Now it is set both of characters as a quotation mark ")
For example, "It can pick up a bound part at quotation marks" as a dialogue.

"You can edit the layout of sayings by the Cascading Style Sheets"

"An example of CSS"

#dialog_1 {
 top: 15px;
 left: 340px;
 width: 100px;

"While we said such a thing"
"This page seems coming to the end now"

"In this case, you can set control character string to synchronize the dialogue at each pages"

Here, the character string [[next]] is set.

"In another way, you can store text with paging function."

"Don't forget to check the property [the end of the page] when editing entries"

"In the first place, why do we have to separate text and pictures?"

"It is good for switch of the language or to make through a translation system…"

"But usually Japanese MANGA is written vertically. A bad reputation will be inevitable, don't you?"

"Only few Internet browsers support a writing from top to bottom.
Please make do with the present conditions till countermeasures would be built."

"We are very sorry that we will show it as insufficient completeness"

"we going to improve it steadily"

"We hope you enjoy creating with this system. Thank you."